Bring Love Fayre to your festival

summer fun with love fayre

Are you looking to add that little extra for customers to enjoy?

The festival world is getting competitive, what ever your into there will be a festival for it. There are a lot of caterers and concession carts offering a wide range of options. However you want the best for your customers, a themed English garden complete with giant fantasy flowers or why not Brighton beach with deck chairs and beach huts? 

We can offer interactive entertainment, chairs and tables, themed bars, small marquees, faux gardens, snow and ice themed sets, just call for any other ideas. 

Smaller festivals suit our product rather than large multi thousand person events. 

Our food carts

We have traditional carts, interesting food booths, crazy CO2 drinks bar, canape stalls. 

For something different and to give your guests a choice, why not have a great build your own burger bar, posh dog stand, crepe stand, ice cream cart for a great summer party option. 

  • Crepes
  • Waffles
  • Burgers